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Ответы на задания Урока 5

London (страноведение)


I. What river does London stand on?
a) Avon; b) Thames; c) Clyde.

II. Who founded the Tower of London?
a) Admiral Nelson; b) Sir Ch. Wren; c) William the Conqueror.

III. What is the seat of the British government?
a) Westminster Palace; b) Buckingham Palace; c) Westminster

IV. The name of the British flag is …..
a) “Stars and Stripes”4 b) “Union Jack”; c) “The Banner”.

V. The first famous church where the coronation of the British kings and queens takes place is …..
a) Westminster Abbey; b) St. Paul`s Cathedral4 c) Piccadilly Circus.

VI. The statue of Admiral Nelson is in the middle of …..
a) Hyde Park; b) Regent`s Park; c) Trafalgar Square.

VII. The queen`s residence is …..
a) Buckingham Palace; b)The Tower of London; c) St. Paul`s

VIII. The famous clock in Great Britain is named …..
a) Kuranty; b) Watch; c) Big Ben.

IX. Now the Tower of London is a …..
a) fortress; b) museum; c) prison.

X. Piccadilly Circus is the meeting point of ….. streets.
a) six; b) five; c) seven.
1.b 2.c 3.a 4.b 5.a 6.c 7.a 8.c 9.b 10.a

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